Artist Profile

Christine is a Toronto-based artist whose work is influenced by both scenic rural imagery and everyday urban landscape. Her large-scale photography is infused with graphic elements, enhanced with added textures, and finished in high-gloss resin.

The result is unique mixed media artwork - a culmination of Christine's keen eye, extensive global experiences, and innate love of nature and travel. In her most recent collections - North American Bison, Coast to Coast, and Urban Journey - Christine explores separate subject matter themes in each series while ultimately nurturing a sense of "seeing beauty in the ordinary" that represents the pervasive mood across all of her work. Her ability to skillfully capture experiences in her images rather than scenes, and to embrace the appeal in a seemingly random bold graphic, number, or colour, results in pieces that evoke a sense of nostalgia and wanderlust.

Since her first solo show as an emerging artist at Pulse Contemporary Art Fair in New York, Christine's work has been widely exhibited in North America at art fairs such as Context Art Miami, and Scope, New York, as well as solo shows in Boston and Toronto galleries. Internationally, her work has been shown at major art fairs in London, Hamburg, and Paris. Christine has been commissioned by private collectors, restauranteurs, and boutique hoteliers. She has also been featured in numerous design publications and blogs, as well as a large multi-media project for HBC's The Room as a one of Canada's most prominent artists in the "24 designers, 48 eyes" campaign.

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2017 Artima · London
  • Fortune Gallery · Victoria
  • 2015 Parts Gallery
  • Parts Gallery
  • Au Gold Gallery

Group Exhibitions

  • 2017 Parts Gallery
  • 2015 Envie D'Art
  • 2014 Au Gold Gallery

Art Fairs

  • 2017 AAF Stockholm
  • AAF Hong Kong
  • 2016 AAF Hong Kong
  • AAF New York
  • AAF Brussels
  • 2015 AAF Hamburg
  • Love Art · Toronto
  • 2014 Art Toronto · Toronto
  • Love Art Fair · Toronto
  • AAF New York
  • AAF London
  • 2013 CONTEXT · Miami
  • Boston Art Show
  • John Houshmand Projects · New York
  • PULSE Art Fair · New York
  • SCOPE Art Show · New York